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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
9:09 am

NAME: Alexis
AGE: 13, 14 as of October 15.
LOCATION/HOMETOWN: Sturbridge Massachusetts. It's about an hour from Boston.
CHOICE OF MUSIC; STYLES AND/OR BANDS YOU LIKE: Moneen, Alexisonfire, bjork, thursday, bright eyes, cursive, nick cave and the bad seeds, pj harvey, ryan adams, the cheater's club, the justice leauge, the faint, the hue of two, the lemonheads, velocity girl, yeah yeah yeahs
FAVORITE AUTHORS: chuck palahniuk, tolstoy, charles bukowski, allen ginsburg, ezra pound, micheal mcclure
WRITING INFLUENCES: probably allen ginsburg, charles bukowski, and micheal mcclure. only i don't write half as well. 
GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: poetry, i guess.
TITLE OF PIECE: I remember the rules calling for poets to post a few pieces. The last one is my favourite of my writings.light/heatCollapse )
mothCollapse )

summer/winterCollapse )

cab driverCollapse ) 

Thursday, June 17th, 2004
10:26 pm
NAME: A. Sharp
AGE: 15
CHOICE OF MUSIC; STYLES AND/OR BANDS YOU LIKE: I don't really have a special genre of music, per se, but I'm basically open to everything.
FAVORITE AUTHORS: I'm currently into Tami Hoag, L.K. Hamilton, J.K. Rowling, E. L. Konigsburg, J.A. Baldwin [she isn't known much, but oh well...] Mika Haberlin
GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: Short Story, poetry, fanfiction...
SPECIALTY AREA: Poetry, I think...
TITLE OF PIECE: Saffron EyesCollapse )
Sunday, May 30th, 2004
9:22 am
Hey...I would just like to welcome our first accepted member, madshrubbery. Her story that she posted was sweet and all of that, and even if there were more people to have a say, I am positive that this one still would've gotten you in.

But, with that said, I will bring this up. If and when you are accepted, you then serve two functions: first of all, to post more writings, which people will critique and all of that...you can post in all areas. Also, to vote and bring your verdict of whether or not new folks will be accepted or rejected.

About voting: I would just like to let everyone know, like I said, that while I have the final say on whether or not somebody is in, everybody else's voice counts as well...meaning, that even though I might like a work and want to accept them, if the majority don't, I will make the verdict reject. However, if it's tied up and I have the final say, then I have the upper hand on making or breaking them.

Thought everyone would want to see that. Happy rating!
3:44 am
NAME: Rebecca
AGE: 22
LOCATION/HOMETOWN: La Grange, Kentucky
CHOICE OF MUSIC; STYLES AND/OR BANDS YOU LIKE: Pop/Rock; Matchbox Twenty, Angie Aparo, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, U2, Aimee Mann, Dave Matthews, etc.
FAVORITE AUTHORS: Virginia Woolf, Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King, Philippa Gregory, Henry James, James Joyce, Margaret Mitchell, Anne Rice, Michael Cunningham, etc.
WRITING INFLUENCES: Primarily the poetry and grace of Virginia Woolf, combined with the historical accuracy of Philippa Gregory and the sensuality of Anne Rice.
GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: Short fiction, short non-fiction, and poetry.
SPECIALTY AREA: Short fiction.
TITLE OF PIECE: Death and the MaidenCollapse )

Be gentle. :)

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:13 pm
Hey...just posting the first post. Hoping that we will have some new people and all of that coming in the very near future. I welcome you all.
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