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The Write Stuff

An Intelligent Rating Community

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Many “rating” communities are out there polluting the scene. These such sites are ones that you post pictures of yourself, and tell a little something about yourself (most of which normally will get ignored, with the exception of a few other choice ones), then the other members will take a vote whether or not you fit into their little group of “beautiful people.” Really, though, who are they to say whether you’re really good looking, or really butt-ugly? Isn’t that saying something of how someone can reject you just because of a certain way you were born? Can you get by or buy things just with your looks? And wouldn’t it be cool if there was actually a community out there that actually rated and judged you worthy on something that actually mattered? Well, this isn’t supposed to be the miracle club to end all superficiality on the web, but hey, it’s just a crazy idea that was a combination of a lot of coffee, a late night writing session, let alone surfing around a whole lot of other “rating” communities. If you are a writer of some sort, be it short stories, novels, poetry, or non-fiction, post in this rating community to see if you do have the WRITE STUFF!

Cheesy, somewhat cliché name for anything aside, this is intended to be an actually intelligent rating community, where you’re judged on something that really matters; talent. But, without trying to babble and bull shit on and on about this crazy mission of mine, here is some stuff and rules to know.

First of all, the RULES:

1) There will be absolutely NO FLAME WARS tolerated. If you’re a member and you are caught in such an act, I will ban you. If you’re not, then you damn well could find yourself in deep shit. Mind you, I am trying to bring together an intelligent group of folk, and I am not about to put up with sheer moronity.

2) When attempting to be accepted, please only post one piece in your specialty area at a time. If you are accepted, you will be allowed to post more stuff for just open critique.

3) I have intended to make this a group for people of all walks of life. Accordingly, no racial humor, no homophobic, sexist, or otherwise derogatory remarks. Also, please no promotion of illegal acts.

4) We will rate generally on a majority rules basis of deciding whether or not somebody is accepted. However, I always will have the final say of judging whether or not somebody gets the stamp of approval.

5) I am pretty open about what does get posted here. However, what I will not accept is stuff that is generally erotic in nature, or like I said above, promotes racism, homophobia, or anything else that could otherwise make some demographic out as especially stereotyped or feel exonerated.

And now…what you have to do…

You are going to pick the best area you feel that you write in out of all of the choices. The choice areas are poetry, short stories, novels, or creative non-fiction…for rating purposes, please, like I said, only post one piece…you will have the opportunity to do more should you get accepted. So, when you have picked what area you are best in, compose the piece, and put it in the message to the group using the headline – TO BE RATED FOR POSSIBLE ACCEPTANCE. If you are doing short stories, don’t make it too short…make it be short, yes, but first have it have a beginning, middle, and and end, and span enough length to actually tell a good story in detail. For poetry, please just don’t post one. Pick or write at least five or more if you’d like, and try not make them the exact same type (make some rhyme, and some don’t, for example). And if you’re doing novel stuff, please only post a short excerpt, but enough for the reader to get the vibe and feel of it…and post what you are going to from the beginning and maybe post, say 5-10 pages. Make your selected work in the one area follow this form, of which is to be cut and pasted into the message text and filled out:


All I can say is that this group is supposed to be mostly about fun. Not everybody is meant to be a writer; some of us were born with the gift and some weren’t. Then again, some of us also can acquire or learn the skills better than others as well. If you certainly feel as if you should have been accepted and you end up getting the rejection stamp, all I can say is reevaluate yourself; maybe it’s not all the things you were thinking. Perhaps your style is, say, choppy, or, maybe you lack style all together. And surely, by all means, if you think besides what the judgment comes out, please, by all means, take a pin to your head and proceed to deflate your ego-infested head.

Anyways, have fun, happy writing, and I wish you all luck.

-Red Midnight (queeraswriter), Club Owner/Moderator/Judge